Monday, 23 November 2015


Born 24 November 1864 at Albi, France

I've covered Toulouse Lautrec previously in my Famous Artist Birthday series; see the blog here. However, today I wanted to share my favourite pictures of the painter. He must have been a dynamic and interesting subject because there are many portraits of him. Some of my favourites are the ones in fancy dress costumes, which he could afford to lavish some money on.

Toulouse-Lautrec was from an aristocratic family and this afforded him many opportunities that contemporary artists just didn't have. However, his genetics are now thought to have contributed to his many health problems, most noticeably his short legs.

In spite of his disability, talent oozed from his fingertips. He had the knack of observation and simplification of line which show in the caricature above. Painting was too slow a process for him, but the speed and practicality of pastels were perfect when he wanted to add colour.

Here are more interesting portraits of Toulouse-Lautrec as others saw him. Any one of these would be great choices for a portrait.

I find it fascinating to look through my work and find the influence of the famous artist that I'm profiling. Here it is not necessarily a similarity in style, but this doll was dressed according to the era of "Belle Epoque" Paris. I think she makes a wonderful addition to a powder room or boudoir. She is painted in a larger than usual size and deep gallery wrap canvas, so I will quote on shipping to your post or zip code to help with your budget. Order now and you will receive the painting in time for the holidays.

BLUE DOLL - Sea Dean