Tuesday, 24 November 2015

WHY PURCHASE A SEA DEAN ORIGINAL? Prete a Porte and Ready to Frame

CURIOSITY ACEO - 8" x 10" Polar White Mat,


To create the best experience possible for my customers, I have recently transferred all my ACEO Originals to mats. The originals now come mounted in either 8" x 10" or 5" x 7" polar white mats with a crisp white backing board, professional biography and archival bag. They can be easily displayed in affordable "off the rack" frames purchased in your own area, but your mailing costs are relatively inexpensive.

Perfect for gift giving and easy to mail.



1. Each work of art is original and one of a kind

Each painting is a moment in time – a feeling, a thought, a hope, a dream; a treasure of an experience had once and never have again. No two people have the same experience with a work of art. When you receive the painting, it becomes yours and you begin creating your own moments with it – your hopes and dreams and thoughts and feelings. I initiate the piece, but you complete it.

2. I use the best materials

All my original works are created using the best canvas, paint and materials available.

3. Buy directly from the artist

When you buy a piece of art you usually only interact with the sales staff, or owner of the shop. You never get the chance to meet the artist, to inquire about your favorite pieces or ask about their process. But when you buy art directly from me, I make myself available to you! Not only do you get to learn about the piece you’re purchasing, but you can ask questions and get to know me. You’re not just a collector, you've met the artist personally!
HERALD OF CHANGE II - Raw Edge Offset Mounted 8" x 10"

All my "Raw Edge" paintings are now offset mounted and ready to frame. Such a pretty and unusual gift.

4. Save money by going direct

My prices are based on the size of the piece, its complexity, the materials that I use, and how much time it takes me to research and paint. The price hasn’t been inflated by middle men. So you save money in the long run and receive personalized service directly from the artist!

5. You are not only investing in the art, but the artist

Think about it: we don’t hesitate to spend money on food, clothing and social activities, so why not invest in someone who has touched your heart and sparked your imagination? Professional artists like myself work hard every day to create amazing things and we can continue to do so with the support of our patrons. You are an integral part of the art world.

PASTEL SKY I with mat
Many of my 6" x 4" original paintings are now also available in polar white mat with backing board, artists biography and archival bag. An example above. I would be thrilled with such a lovely gift. Click here to see all my framed and matted works.


6. My work is constantly evolving

There is something for everyone in my collection – figure, animal, portrait, landscape, nature, abstract, etc., but I am constantly learning and evolving. My work moves through different phases as I find new materials and tools and delving into new arenas. If you like a particular series of my work, now is the time to buy because I might never create something like that again!

7. Recession? What recession? My business is growing … be a part of it!

My business has grown so much in the last several years and is more widely appreciated than ever before. I've lost count of the countries where I have shipped my work and my collectors continue to snap up my latest creations and commission unique pieces. Come share in my success!

8. The value of my work continues to go up

As my reputation continues to grow, the value of my art rises and will continue to appreciate over time. This means that any piece you purchase is an heirloom for you to pass on to your children and grandchildren.

WILD PINK FLOWERS Raw Edge Painting Mounted 8" x 10"

9. If you aren’t satisfied I will refund your purchase price

You have 7 days to change your mind. If you are not satisfied, I refund the whole price. Just return the painting in the condition it was purchased. How many artists and agents can you say that about?

10. Art has been scientifically proven to help you to live a longer and healthier life

In a scientific study, people were hooked up to a brain scanner and shown 30 different world-renowned art works. They found that when viewing a piece of art that they enjoyed, blood flow increased to the brain by 10 percent, (the same as seeing a loved one!). The study proved that owning a piece of art that you love does more than just make you feel good, it can cause increased blood flow to the brain which helps you to think more clearly and improve your overall health.

11. You experience beauty and magic

Surrounding yourself with beautiful things helps express your creative self, which is why so many artists are also art collectors. Owning a Sea Dean original allows you to step into a world of magic and inspiration.

12. Not just any reproduction

My prints and giclées are produced with the same care and quality as my originals. Whether canvas wrap, stretched canvas, or 100% cotton rag archival watercolor paper, everything is archival quality and intended to last a lifetime.

RED TREES Raw Edge Offset Mounted 8" x 10


13. Documentation

Each original or giclée is hand signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Attach this to the back of your painting or frame so that it is easy to confirm the authenticity and value of the piece.

14. Ongoing service

Should your artwork be damaged in any way, perhaps by careless movers or fire, I am happy to provide a renewal service, so you can continue to enjoy the piece for a lifetime.

Original idea for this blog from Wendy Froshay