Monday, 28 December 2015


ALL TIME 4th MOST POPULAR BLOGOriginally published 4th January 2015
By Sea Dean

10" x 8" Canson Arches Board
Ready to Frame

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I had fun with this painting. I enjoyed using the fine point Golden liquid acrylic yesterday and resolved to use it again today, however, yesterday I did the point work first and then painted around and over it. This time I did the point work, painted around and over it and then added final point work. I think I like the second technique more.

I chose an unusual palette vaguely suggested by the Challenge photo on Daily Paintworks. I really went over the top adding Brilliant Blue and Cadmium Orange as well as a hint of purple and Pyrole Red. I wanted to make the trees lime green but the value wasn't dark enough, hence the change to Cadmium and Permanent/Brilliant Blue.

Working with Canson Arches Board is very different to canvas. It has a velvety surface which is absorbent but not in a detrimental way like canvas panel. The colours also seem to stay brighter than working with canvas. Because of the beautiful texture and the raised, glossy lines, I'm very tempted to leave these pieces unvarnished.

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