Wednesday, 9 December 2015



I so want one of these. Now if only it had a pop up large easel. Also I think I would make the shelves deeper to hold all my paint and small canvases. I would also extend them down to the floor and put cupboard doors on so I could hide more paraphernalia.

This model is from W R Memory Keepers $195 US, but it could be a Christmas gift for you from your husband that he could easily build on Boxing Day.

I'm just in the process of making a large storage cupboard into my art studio to get away from disruptive reno mess and noise. I will have a sound system in there, large computer screen and shelves to the ceiling.

Hey Santa! A fold down table like this would be a perfect addition to my mini studio.

I do most of my painting on a desk, which isn't the best solution, but it's OK for small paintings. When my canvas goes over 24" x 24" I can no longer prop it up and access my paints, so I move to a portable french easel which takes up waaaay too much room. A better solution is the dining room table against the wall but not so good when you want to eat. I've seen wall easels but I think this would be much more practical.

ROAD TO HEAVEN ACEO - 8 x 10" Mat and Archival Bag - $35

This super cool semi-abstract piece, ROAD TO HEAVEN comes with an 8" x 10" mat, backing board, and archival bag, ready to file in your collection box or pop into a standard frame. I must say this mat makes this look like a very expensive designer painting.

Like all my ACEO, this was created on a small desk, so I'll have no problem creating more in my new teeny tiny studio. Will post pics when it's done.