Sunday, 20 December 2015



My last commission of the year. The third portrait of my client's cat Pepsi. For this portrait I was asked to "have fun" and create something different. I made a start and sent a draft to my patron to see if she liked the composition. I intended something much more elaborate in the background, however the word came back that she loved it just the way it was. So Pepsi the elongated blue Pepsi is now settling in to his new home.

I love this kind of large pet portrait. It seems to me that pets should be painted in their natural environment and doing something they love. I am making a record of a happy moment when the pet was young, healthy and healthy. They are gone too soon from our lives but a portrait helps them live on.

If you would like a portrait of your pet or one as a gift, please contact me. They start around $100 depending on surface, paint and framing. Gift Certificates available.