Monday, 1 February 2016



8" x 10" Canvas Panel
Sized to fit a standard frame

A preliminary painting for a larger work. I said I was going to wait for the next Leslie Saeta challenge to get back into oil painting, but I have been asked to paint over a large oil painting with an ocean scene and that means painting in oil. I'm never afraid to take up a challenge, but I do like to be prepared hence a few scenes to use as examples before I tackle the larger piece.

I've used traditional oils which dry faster than water soluble ones. I was concerned about drying time, so Cyber friend and oil painter, Marion Hedger, instructed me to use Winsor and Newton Liquin or Impasto Liquin, mixed into the paint. Marion advised me to thinly coat Liquin over the seasoned painting first, to give more slip and better adherence.

I was unable to obtain either Liquin product, so I'm trialing a similar product by Grumbacher called Japan Dryer. As this is a small painting, I lightly coated the primed panel with Japan as a base and it seemed to work well. Japan has a fairly strong odor and their are warnings on the label, so I'm keeping the painting separate from the rest of the home until it abates.

I've been told that a hair dryer on low speeds the process but Japan is heat sensitive and can yellow, so I'm steering clear of that. There is another product I would like to try called, Krylon Quick Dry, which you can spray between layers and as a final coat. I will trial this later.

Available for purchase. Ready to ship 16th March 2016