Thursday, 31 March 2016


8" x 10" Cradle Board
Ready to Hang

April Fool!

No not really. If you think you've seen this before, it is a similar painting to ARROWLEAF DAISIES from a few days ago. Sometimes it's a challenge to come up with new and pleasing compositions, so if I like a composition I create a mirror image. Sometimes these work hung together, but in this case they will be showing at two different venues.

Arrowleaf, or Balsamorriza Sagittata, are a type of wild sunflower in the Aster family. They cover our grassy hills in the spring and summer. They have large fleshy leaves shaped like an arrowhead, hence the common name. All of the plant can be eaten and is an important source of tribal medicine. Read more about them here.

For years I called these "Brown Eyed Susans", but I think I'm wrong.