Wednesday, 6 April 2016



by Sea Dean
8" x 10" Cradle Board

This is my submission for the Friends of the Earth BEE CAUSE campaign in conjunction with Artfinder and the Great British Bee Count. To read more about the campaign and/or make your own submission, click here.
Bee Happy in Progress
This was one of those paintings that sat for a while half finished. I was aware of the deadline looming, but I wasn't happy with the sky or the flowers which was pretty much the whole painting. I finally decided that an impressionist style would evoke summer breeze and busy bees humming their way from flower to flower. The painting is enhanced with a brushstroke effect to add texture.

I'm happy to say that BEE HAPPY has been included in the BEE collection at Artfinder. That means it has passed the first hurdle for inclusion in the GREAT BRITISH BEE COUNT exhibition to take place in London, England. The odds are fairly good with only 300 paintings up for consideration.  That means that if you want to purchase the painting I will reserve it for you, but it won't be available until after the selection process and/or the exhibition have concluded on June 30th.