Thursday, 7 April 2016


by Sea Dean
8" x 10" Canvas Panel
In spectacular wide white designer frame

You may have noticed that I haven't been online lately supporting all my painter friends and I haven't even shown you my postcards from the swap. I've certainly been painting though. I've given my new studio space a trial by fire in the last 10 days. The reason for all this is that an important solo show was offered me and I'm focused on preparation.

I've been trying to get into this venue for four years and my number finally came up. There are many reasons I should have said no. 1. I've painted very little new work so far this year. 2. I'm in the middle of renovations. 3. I've had to relocate my studio into a storage room. 4. I'm knee deep in spring submissions. 5. Half my paintings are in storage and the other half are already on exhibition.

So what did I do??? I said yes of course.

Exhibitions are hard work, but solos are over the top. In the past 10 days I've prepared over 60 paintings. Tweaked little bits, re-framed, curated, written signs and even painted some new works. Tomorrow is the last day before I hang on Saturday morning and I'm almost done. Yay!

I'm still waiting for some frames and mats to arrive and if they don't I'm going to have to shift the plan a bit. Apart from that, I have a bit of printing, packing the works according to hanging pattern and get a large painting from storage.

The exhibition runs for a month leading up to Mother's Day in Canada on May 8th. I've chosen many small works and framed them for gift giving. I also have a stand with small prints, art cards, and matted original ACEO. Prices run from $3 to $690, so something for every Mum and every bank account.

One of the balls I had to drop this week was photographing all the new work, tweaks, frames etc., so I have nothing new to show you. However, a surprise last minute entry for the show was this painting of a mountain range in the Yukon. I was looking through some landscapes and I realized that this painting hasn't had much exposure locally. My beautiful wide white designer frame returned from another exhibition and when I tried it on this painting it was a match made in heaven. Sorry no pic of it in the frame, but this is the frame with an angel painting in it. As you see, it's about 16" x 20" and quite heavy to ship, but well worth it.

When I've hung the exhibition, I will get busy and post a few pics of the show. Then I'll endeavor to catch up with all the stuff I haven't posted in the last couple of weeks.