Wednesday, 13 April 2016


DOGGIE TREAT 12" x 6" Wrap Canvas and Bone
12" x 16" Wrap Canvas and Bone
Purchase through the Coffee House
Out of town buyers contact me
Can ship during the exhibition

This doggie is one of the stars of my solo exhibition which runs at LAKE COUNTRY COFFEE HOUSE from now until May 7th. DOGGIE TREAT can be purchased during the exhibition by contacting me or by visiting in person. For international shipping I may be required to replace the doggie treat with Fimo.

My ACEO in White Shadow Frames $50

Yesterday I framed the final ACEO for my solo exhibition and took some photographs. I'm very happy with the way my paintings look in the space. Here are the pics of the exhibition which showcases an entire cross section of my work from tiny ACEO (2.5" x 3.5") to large format paintings and even one sculpture.

The Coffee House is a re-purposed smoke house with some of the old hardware to prove it. I thought with all the reclaimed dark wood walls it would be gloomy, but the lighting is good and the place has such a busy high energy buzz, that visitors enjoy browsing the art and extending their stay.

Part of the Floral Wall
Many local artists and small business owners make the LAKE COUNTRY COFFEE HOUSE their home away from home. Two doors lead from the coffee shop into the gallery next door and the attached Lake Country Gallery gift shop, with walk through traffic in both directions. An outdoor patio services dog walkers and nature lovers. The lunch crowd pop in and out for their take outs and others stay for hours. I've even heard about visitors coming from 20 miles away for coffee here.

Part of the Landscape Wall
The place is a thriving part of the community and the recent take over by new owners has only served to enhance it's popularity. They are putting fresh energy into the already bubbling atmosphere and adding more delicious goodies to the menu. I'm grateful for the offer to hang my work and the great support I had from all the staff while I was hanging my paintings.

The Nest Wall

The Mountain Nook
I do hope you've enjoyed my little guided tour of my solo exhibition. If you're anywhere near Lake Country, please drop on by for some good coffee, a snack and a peek at my art.

Lake Country, BC
Hours Mon-Sat: 7-6 Sun: 8-5