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This years swap was a roller coaster for me. I was away during mail in time, so I had to twist the arm of a couple of friendly tourists to take my postcards back to the USA and send them on to Kat. It was tense while I waited for confirmation that they and my postage payment had been received. All fine and dandy.

Canada Post has a lot to answer for concerning our mail system and true to form it took forever to receive my first postcards. I waited and waited for my regular swap postcards to arrive. Kat's arrived just in time yesterday.

Left "Some things in life cannot be fixed. They can only be carried" - Megan ... Right "Denver Colorado Monroe St" - Unknown
I had intended blogging and posting about each card as I received them, but I was suddenly invited to mount a last minute 75 painting solo show, so all plans were put on hold. I've been waiting for this exhibition venue for four years, so I wasn't about to turn it down. I think it's a record for me to pull together such a large exhibition in two weeks, but in order to do so I had to let things drop. Sorry fellow swappers.

Above are the regular swaps photographed in my new bijou studio which I love with a passion. This tiny space, 53" x 63" (yes that is inches) has given me the freedom to create a paint free bedroom retreat. It also encourages better focus, because I know I'm there to work. The door opens into a large hallway, so although I'm in a tiny space, it feels quite open. When I have visitors I just close the door and everything is tidy. And thankfully, my bedroom has reverted to a work free zone. Yay!

My new bijou studio space with both main and side postcard swaps
When I'm on a painting blitz, as I was for the solo exhibition, I work on many paintings at the same time, allowing areas to dry and tweaking bits until I'm happy. I push pin the WIPs up around the work area until done; you can see several on the back wall. Behind the rolling chair is a blank wall, currently hosting my side swap postcards, which I use to work on larger paintings. In this cute converted storage room, the majority of my art gear is stored on upper shelves and things I use daily are lower down. The narrow shelves are a thrift sale find and perfect for occasional paints. Everything is within finger tip reach, I just stand up to access my rarely used items. No more hunting in cupboards and boxes for hours.

OK enough about my pride and joy.... I also organized 10 side swaps this year. Swappers meet on the LYA Facebook event page, so I posted that I had 10 spare cards and the requests came in. I added a twist by putting my address on the swap postcard so swapees couldn't send me their card until they received mine. With lightening speed I received one from Sheila Delgado who had my address from last year, a lovely sunflower. Since then I've received five others. With my method postcards continue to arrive for weeks and it breaks the monotony of bills and flyers.

Follow my blog for more about my side swaps and to watch the remaining cards come in. On my blog I share my latest work, art tips and tricks, discoveries, progress shots and art history, so there's always something different to see while you're having your morning coffee.

Places I have connected to through the 2016 Liberate Your Art postcard swap.

Ashburn, Virginia (VA) USA
Brighton, East Sussex, UK
Corvallis, Oregon (OR) USA
Denver, Colorado (CO) USA
Eugene, Oregon (OR) USA
Fort Smith, Arkansas (AR) USA
Fullerton, California (CA)
Iowa City, Iowa (IA) USA
La Porte, Texas (TX) USA
Logan, Ohio (OH) USA
Midland, Michigan (MI) USA
Murfreesboro, Tennessee (TN) USA
North Houston, Texas (TX) USA
Pine Bush, New York (NY) USA
Portland Oregon (OR) USA
Reston, Virginia (VA) USA
Rosemount, Minnesota (MN), USA
Saint Cyr sur Loire, FRANCE
San Bernardino, California (CA) USA
Santa Cruz, California (CA) USA
Santa Maria, California (CA) USA
South Jersey, New Jersey (NJ) USA
Tigard, Oregon (OR) USA
US Virgin Islands, (VI) USA
Vicksburg, Mississippi (MS) USA
Wildomar, California (CA) USA
Wood Ridge, New Jersey (NJ) USA

Finally, Kat asks us to share what the swap has taught you or how it has changed you or your work.

One of the most amazing things about the swap is to see the variety of art out there and how people are making a living with their art. I love abstract art, found pieces and collage and this has encouraged me to experiment more in my my work. In fact, the majority of my main swaps were abstract, which is probably the universe gently nudging me in that direction.

I will visit more websites and blogs in the coming weeks, but the ones I've seen so far have mainly been very professional and interesting.

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April 15 - 17, 2016