Wednesday, 11 May 2016

100 Day Project # 94 - DAHLIA by Sea Dean

6" x 6" India Ink on Acid and Lignin Free Card
#94 of my 100 drawing project

I learned a lot in this drawing. All those petals terrified me, but it was easier than I thought. I discovered that as long as you start in the center and follow the growth pattern of the flower, it's not so bad. Most importantly, although it's tempting to make each petal the same, they each have their own personality and the only way to make the flower look natural is to show individuality. For the final touch, I decided to thicken some of the outer lines; this made a big difference, turning the flower from a sketch to a finished drawing.

The yellow paper was an experiment. I have a multi  coloured pad with mostly dark colors, plus white. I had used all the white and the next lightest color was yellow. I wanted to see if yellow paper would work for a line drawing,  because Dahlias can be yellow. I'm quite happy with the result and it would look especially good framed with a narrow black edge or even a white or cream mat.