Saturday, 4 June 2016


6" X 6" Gallery Wrap Canvas

This painting was an amalgamation of several images. I particularly like the river flowing far below the alpine meadow. I worked so hard to achieve the texture on this one. This was the first painting that I heard had sold at the new KELOWNA AIRPORT SKYWAY venue and I was so thrilled that the customer sent me an email to thank me.

If you're a regular reader, you will know the excruciatingly slow process to get something accepted and on the shelf at Skyway and the long wait to have paintings returned that haven't sold. I'm still waiting to hear about a submission for the next cycle which I sent in over a month ago, in the meantime those paintings are reserved and cannot be sold to anyone else. I like to keep things moving, so 10 paintings sitting in a box on hold doesn't sit well with me. I must work on patience. At least once they make it onto the shelves they are selling.