Friday, 15 July 2016


Joris Strijbos, Axon, 2016. Photo by Bresadola+Freese/ for NOME Gallery

I must admit to my total love of sculpture and active art installations. I read this article recently and was blown away by the beauty of the images.


I always desire more flow in my work, but I find it challenging to let it happen. Although I exude chutzpah and bravado in person, I'm actually a really quiet, introverted and shy person and while I love abstract flow I'm always worried I will wreck what I've already done. As an artist there is no avoiding your inner self, but that is often what restricts us. In order to create free flow we often need to overcome our inner fears.

Perhaps that's why great artists are often linked to drugs, alcohol and promiscuity looking for a way to overcome internal and external pressure. However, there are many ways to be more creative without self destruction.

One phrase that comes to mind that should be posted on my studio wall is .....

Let go and let God

Random images like in the blog above are a great inspiration

If you can't create random light photos you could try collecting something like leaves or household objects, tossing them in the air, allowing them to fall then painting something inspired by the natural arrangement.

Early photographs of natural movement amazed and inspired many painters. The painting of a dog in motion below must have been inspired by a murky early photography.

Music also helps creativity and I know some performance artists that paint for an audience while being inspired by live music. 

There are many ways to create randomness in your work. One artist I know ties her brushes and pens to the fronds of a willow tree and allows the wind to do the work. Another throws and dabs thick paint in layers over a canvas and then uses water from a hose to create a random look. I love that. 

What ideas can you come up with to loosen up your style and allow natural flow to occur? I love to read your comments.