Monday, 25 July 2016


by Sea Dean
8" x 10" Low Profile Birch Cradle

This painting was placed on show at Kelowna Airport departure lounge at the beginning of June and the next day when the curator went to hang another section it had already sold. I just picked up the check and it's very comforting to have such quick and efficient sales. The 10 paintings I submitted to this round are intended to last 6 months, but if they all sell we will be asked to submit more. I wonder if mine will all sell and which will go next. It's quite exciting.

I'm on the list to do some demos in the airport departure lounge and I'm really looking forward to it. My father worked in airport security for about 25 years and he would have been so proud of me. Perhaps I will work on the larger painting below which is very similar, to the one that has sold. I've already taken out the old wood irrigation channel on the left and I'm currently working on adding some deer in the right bottom corner.