Sunday, 16 October 2016

IPAD DRAWINGS - Oceans Series - Plenty of Fish

Copyrighted iPad drawing
Available as a one time use download or limited edition print

I've been playing with my ipad again. Well, not exactly playing, I've been working on a submission which calls for new media. Drawing with my ipad has given me a new sense of fun and freedom and the call for new media submissions played right into what I want to be doing with my studio time. Yay!

Of course I should be painting more landscapes for Skyway at Kelowna airport and Ritchcraft Gallery, as well as 10 new paintings for the U100 show which is fast approaching. Nevertheless ...

As you may remember from recent ipad drawings, I'm using the simple draw app in "Notes" which has a very limited palette and set of four tools, shown in the images below. As you can imagine there is quite a learning curve to finding the capabilities of the app, but it does offer fun options of layering and overlays which make it completely different to painting or drawing with real world tools.

From left to right a colored pencil with opaque color. a translucent marker, a translucent fine marker, a rule (haven't figured out how to use it yet), and an eraser. Colors as you see are brights and muted shades plus black, white and 6 grey tones. That's it! You can achieve some different colors by overlaying the translucent colors. I use the white as a sort of moderating force to overlay colors that seem too intense or to soften an edge. 

Below is a "noir" variation of the same drawing which is perfect for printing on home decor items such as pillows, shower curtains, iphone covers etc.