Saturday, 15 October 2016


Recently Jason, of The Red Dot Blog, posed the question ...

What should an Artist do with a lifetime of unsold Artwork?

I read through all the comments and suggestions with interest and I totally recommend you do the same if it is of interest. Although there are some interesting ideas, I thought this through last year and these are my personal solutions....

I’m a prolific daily painter. I cull at the end of each year. I make adjustments to some. Re-frame others. Hold a silent auction at my holiday shows. Completely paint over the non keepers. Anything unsold after 3 years intense marketing has to go by one of these choices

To prevent devaluing work or annoying galleries and outlets, I recommend only discounting or donating art outside your local area.

As for what to do when I go to the big studio in the sky ... I like the idea of displaying work at my "celebration of life" for friends and family to take what they would enjoy. In my will I ask for saleable works to be donated to the local Cancer Clinic to garner donations. Less valuable art is to go to a food bank to be given away to the less fortunate art lovers with their food packages. Art tools and supplies will go to the gallery where I volunteer, to use in their programs.

So what would you do?

YUKON (prior to making changes)