Tuesday, 27 December 2016


I'm taking a short break from blogging over the holidays, but it's not because there is nothing happening in my art world.

On 23 December I completed my first painting demo at Skyway inside the departure lounge of Kelowna Airport. I was quite worried about selecting the right paints and marketing materials, because once through security you can't just pop out to the car to get something. As it turned out it was quite pleasant. The staff were very helpful and I had some interesting conversations with the customers. There were plane delays and cancellations, so in the beginning it was very busy. Then things settled down and I had time to paint. I managed to almost finish some adjustments to a landscape with deer that I will post when complete. I thought the atmosphere would be too busy, but I found it a very pleasant place to paint. I will be back this Friday morning, 30th December, so drop by and say Hi, if you're flying from Kelowna.

I have also signed up for the Leslie Saeta 30 in 30 challenge for (I think) the 9th time. I'm going to be completing at least one local landscape iPad drawing and posting it each day from January 1st to 30th. If you want to follow along you can see my drawings on this blog, and also see the work of hundreds of my fellow artists, or sign up yourself on the Leslie Saeta blog below.

I have also signed up once again for the 2017 Kat Sloma postcard swap. We are looking for more artists to join in, so read all about it below. This is your chance to receive postcards from all over the world and make new artistic friends.

Here is what Kat has to say......
It's time! It's time! The 7th annual swap is now open for sign up. I'm excited to get the 2017 swap launched and I hope you will participate this year.

The swap receipt deadline this year is March 18, 2017.

There is plenty of time before the deadline, but there are a few things that you will want to do right away:

1. Join the 2017 Facebook Event Group. As with every year, this is the hub of the swap! You will connect with an active group of participants, and can easily invite your friends on Facebook to join the swap.
2. Review the Swap Instructions on the web, which include all of the details on how to participate in the swap, where to mail your postcards, etc. A handy PDF checklist is available for you to download and print out when you are ready to send.
3. SHARE! Invite your fellow artist friends, aspiring artists who need a little nudge, and anyone who will enjoy the connection of the swap. Forward this email, blog, tweet, or share the event on Facebook. Add a button to your blog or website. The more participants, the merrier!
4. Begin working on your postcards! Visit the Resources for all sorts of useful information to help you get started with creating your postcards.

Throughout the swap you'll receive weekly updates and reminders via this swap email list. If you decide not to participate, you can unsubscribe from this list at any time, via the link at the bottom of every email message.