Sunday, 1 January 2017



Sea Dean Paint a Masterpiece's year on Pinterest
Cheers to you! This year, you saved 8,545 Pins, driving great awareness for Sea Dean Paint a Masterpiece. Here are some more fun facts about your year on Pinterest:
  • 485,354 people saw your Pins
  • 6,610 people saved your Pins to their boards
  • 1,762 people clicked your Pins
Many of my blog followers also follow my Pinterest boards. I find Pinterest a lovely relaxation aid and I encourage you to come out and play. 

It's a good way to get to know people better by following some of their non art related boards. For instance, you will find I have an interest in home decor, history, travel and Royalty.

I also use Pinterest alongside Google for doing a bit of fast research. For instance, last week I was placing a deer into an orchard painting. I searched Pinterest for deer images, and as a result I decided to add a few more deer to my painting and add interest with a variety of poses. I got a break from the studio and my painting is hugely improved. I never breech copyright by copying the images, I simply use them for inspiration.

You can follow my Pinterest boards by clicking on the box to the left. Do you have any interesting ways of using Pinterest? Please share in comments below.