Sunday, 26 February 2017

A Tweak - Spring Blossom ACEO

When I curate a solo show I like to include a large percentage of new work, many of which have never been seen in public. I also review my catalogue looking for work which has not received much exposure. Sometimes I reframe, crop or tweak and sometimes the change is minimal, just a few light brush strokes as in "Spring Blossom" above. 

This is an ACEO which I have swapped into different frames and mats as well as marketing in a tiny archival bag, but the forever owner has not stepped forward. In our area blossom trees usually sell in a flash, so something was wrong. There is one small tweak I've been Planning, so I grabbed my favourite brush and a tube of paint and fixed it. Apart from the color and size of the image being a bit different, can you spot the difference? I'm convinced the ACEO will now sell because if it was bothering me, I was probably not the only one. Little tweaks sometimes make all the difference.

Original Painting