Saturday, 25 February 2017


by Sea Dean

Lake Country Coffee House
10356 Bottom Wood Lake Road
Lake Country, B.C. Canada
(Next to Lake Country Art Gallery)
Cafe hours 7am to 5pm (8am to 4pm Sunday)

The Old Apple Orchard, Ice Melt, The Old Apple Orchard, Prints mounted on Russian Birch Cradles 

Today was hanging day for my solo exhibition, SPLIT PERSONALITY. I was pleased that all my detailed organization paid off and I had everything finished in four hours. SPLIT PERSONALITY is a true solo show with everything in the exhibition painted, matted, framed, mounted and hung by my own two hands. Every time I hang an exhibition I learn something and this time it was to arrange the paintings in the packing boxes in the order they will hang on the walls. What an amazing time saver.

The first time my Limited Edition iPad drawings have been on public display

Even though the cafe is busy on Saturdays, the out going artist, Jolene Mackie and I managed to work around the occupied tables with little disruption. I think the customers actually enjoy watching the hanging process.

I'm particularly proud of this wall of landscapes
Over the years I've found that small works sell much faster than large ones, and so most of my work is 8" x 10" and smaller. Even framed it never ceases to amaze me how over 60 paintings can disappear on the walls of a small cafe.

I love the way I Framed this Eagle drawing