Tuesday, 14 February 2017


I always do a yearly round up on Color trends, because as artists we need to keep current with how our patrons are decorating their homes and offices. This year as a bit of a twist I thought I would do a small retrospective.

2015 Benjamin Moore GUILFORD GREEN click here
2015 Pantone MARSALA click here
2015 Behr a selection of 20 colors click here

2016 Benjamin Moore SIMPLY WHITE click here
2016 Pantone SERENITY and ROSE QUARTZ click here
2016 Behr a selection of 20 colors including IVORY KEYS click here
2016 Sherwyn-Williams ALABASTER click here
More on the colors of 2016 here

2017 Pantone GREENERY a slightly greyed apple shade click here
2017 Benjamin Moore SHADOW which is described as a rich deep Amethyst click here
2017 Behr 20 colors split into 3 colorways all slightly greyed click here
2017 Sherwyn-Williams POISED TAUPE click here
2017 Glidden BYZANTINE BLUE click here (love this!)

As usual the 2017 colors seem all over the place until you view them as a whole. I noticed that they are colors you would find in your garden or a walk in the country, all with a slightly greyed look. The overall impression is slightly vintage in a classy, softly faded way. Brilliants and jewel tones seem to have dropped off a bit and the trend seems more relaxing and elegant. This year should therefore work well for landscape and seascape artists. I would recommend that decorative, abstract and floral artists soften their colors slightly.

This trend seems to work in with what I've been doing with my airport paintings. I tend to love brilliant color, but what has been selling for me is mainly the softer palette paintings which are personally not my favourites. From this collage the more recent sales are the five in the top right.

And while researching I found this interesting article on the best all time colors with which to decorate. No wonder so many home owners end up with pale grey or magnolia!

Let me know in comments what you are noticing for Color trends in you neck of the woods.