Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Free Classes - Birches Tweak

We have an art supply shop in our area called Opus, which rather cleverly give free demos and short workshops every weekend. They offer 10% discount, store wide, to attendees, so most artist grab a few recommended supplies. Many local artists attend the demos purely for the discount. It is also a social occasion for artists that are glued to their studio during the week. I'm sure with a bit of research you will find something similar in your area.


I often attend these gatherings, sometimes because I'm interested in seeing a well known artist work, sometimes to get the discount and others just to force myself to put down the paintbrushes for a couple of hours.

Today I attended a short class on how to prepare for an artists demo. Cool! I've done a lot of public speaking and teaching in my life, but I thought I would pick up a few tips. Why I really went was because I went to a demo by the same artist a couple of months ago and I love her work.

Of course I always get fired up by ideas and I came home today and quickly tweaked the painting on my easel. This painting was a bit of an experiment in 2015 and I just got it back from exhibition. When I saw it again I didn't like the color scheme and decided to put some violet hills in the background for depth and some darker leaves for contrast. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the class and at the front was a painting with conifers in front of Violet hills. No wonder I got fired up!

BIRCHES before