Friday, 17 March 2017

Coldstream, Okanagan

In my role as one of the chosen artists at Kelowna airport Skyway, I also see myself as an ambassador for the region. The original call was for local content and although I've lived in the area for forty years, I have to admit that I've not visited many of the local beauty spots which visitors flock to see. As such, I will be taking a few longer inspiration trips this spring and summer throughout the Thompson/Okanagan region. Kelowna airport is expanding and turning into a major international/regional airport, so the catchment area is about two hours north and south from where I live.

I recently took a drive to Vernon, B.C. Which is about an hour north of Kelowna. Some of the prettiest sights lay along this route, including my absolute favourite view, Coldstream looking towards the camel mountains. This view comes after driving above the beautiful blue Kalamalka lake on the new Pelmwash bypass, which climbs so far above the lake it feels like flying. Down a side road there are views of the Turtle Head peninsula, which I will be painting some time soon and what a beautiful day to snap inspiration photos.

Although there was a bitingly cold wind, coming off those still snowy mountains, I encountered a mosquito on my balcony yesterday and a stink bug today, so now I'm certain spring has arrived; so certain I booked my summer tire change over for next week.