Saturday, 18 March 2017

Kat Sloma - Liberate your Art Day

Well the big day has finally arrived. Hundreds of artistic postcards from around the world have converged on Kat Sloma's home. The volunteers are busily applying stamps, making piles and sorting. Soon six Extraordinary postcards will be heading my way. I have probably never met the artists and never would have if Kat hadn't started this event. Likewise five of my postcards will spread their wings and take off for distant shores. So over the next month or so I will have connected with ten new friends by snail mail and hundreds of mail sorters and posties will have seen my art.

So, given that today is the big day, imagine my surprise when I went to the mailbox and discovered that someone had jumped the gun. David Wolanski is someone I met through the swap last year. He likes to mail out postcards whenever it takes his fancy and they're always fabulous. Part of the swap rules are that you photograph the card in your environment, so I placed it in a bouquet of silk sunflowers on my balcony. A great way to herald spring.

If you want to get on Davids mailing list check out his website at