Friday, 31 March 2017

Photography by Sea Dean - Car Wash

I'm a great believer in integrated exercise. 100 years ago only people like Houdini donned a leotard and spent serious time working their bodies. The average person didn't need to exercise because their whole day was spent in manual labor. The industrial revolution and later the technological revolution meant that the average person went from working in the fields to sitting behind a machine or desk for at least 8 hours.That coupled with easy availability of high calorie food and you get the obesity epidemic we have today.

Who has time to exercise? Back to integrated exercise? ... Instead of taking a car or bus to work, pedal your pushbike ... rather than using the elevator take the stairs ... don't drive a mile to the grocery store, walk. See what I mean.

Partly because of this belief, I have never used an automatic car wash; I either get out the bucket, sponge and hose, or at least use a wand wash where I have to bend and stretch and walk around the car. A few weeks ago I wanted to give my car a good clean underneath and the best way was through an auto car wash. I was awestruck by the beauty of the experience and Here are images to prove it.