Monday, 3 April 2017

Faux Barn Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Finally my barn wood cabinets are finished. I'm pretty pleased with myself. The backsplash and walls have yet to be completed so more on them at a later date.

I could use pewter wax to bring the oiled brass hinges into the 21 st century, but for now I've decided to leave them. They sort of add to the rustic look. Of course that may change.


1. If you are painting and/or varnishing over a few days, a good tip is to wrap your uncleaned brush in a plastic bag and place in in he freezer away from food. After 5 mins of thawing, The brush will be fresh and it saves a lot of paint which would normally go down the drain.

2. Wait to wax or varnish after you've reassembled the cabints. Once the doors are on, check for consistent tone and brushwork. Touch up if necessary. Two coats of wax or varnish.

3. Some people don't remove hinges and handles, but I think it looks so much more classy for metal to be paint free. You have to have a very steady hand to miss all the metal. If you've removed them, of course you need to put them back. Remember to put one screw loosely into the adjusting slot first, check the door is at the same level top and bottom as the ones next to it, tighten, then add the non slot screw and tighten. This method prevents a lot of heartache.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.