Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Art Battle Kelowna

I have a history of being impulsive, so a few days ago I submitted an application for Art Battle, never thinking I would get in. Lo and behold, I was accepted for the battle taking place on June 16th in Kelowna, B.C. This will either be a great way to test my boundaries, earn some cash and participate in a cool night out, or an absolute disaster!

Art Battle is just that ... a battle between 12 artists in two 20 minute rounds, with the winners of those rounds battling it out for top place. The finished works are auctioned and the artist gets 50% of the proceeds.

Art battles take place around the world. If you would like to enter as an artist, or attend one of these fun events, check out this website.

If you have any idea what I should paint (in 20 minutes), feedback would be much appreciated. I need to pick two things I can paint quickly on approximately 18" x 24" canvas. It should be something that people are inspired to vote and bid on. The last Art Battle I attended the supplied paint was basic colors of very low quality, gloopy paint that all the artists were complaining about, so no fine detail or major mixing possible. You are allowed to bring your own brushes, sponges, palette knives etc. but you can only use their paint. No gel, medium, collage, stencils or anything produced mechanically etc.

These are some of my most popular paintings and I thought I would do something like a couple of them. What do you think?

PS If you are in the Okanagan, please come out and support me. I'll need a few friendly faces around me. Perhaps you can pick up a fab piece of art for a bargain price.