Sunday, 14 May 2017

Easy Shipping for Fine Art - Collapsible Canvas

Wow! This product has blown my mind!

I believe that professional artists need to look for creative ways to stay current. One of the growing trends is marketing worldwide, which presents the problem of shipping. Shipping involves a few issues such as bulk, weight and damage.

It will come as no surprise that buyers prefer "ready to hang" artwork, but don't want to pay the exhorbitant shipping rates that come with stretcher canvas. As a professional artist with up to 500 art works to store at any given time, I also don't want to rent expensive storage space for framed and deep wrap canvases. I've found collapsible canvases but they weren't light weight, so it addressed the bulk part of the equation, but not the kilos. Store and ship canvases flat or rolled and most of the weight, bulk and damage problems simply disappear.

I think I may have stumbled on an answer.

As a Canadian artist with most of the suppliers in the USA, we have to pay huge premiums for shipping and duties (free bulk shipping specials never apply to us). As our competitors and most of our buyers are in the USA, we find it very difficult to make even a few dollars profit. Luckily this supplier Spectrum Nasco is in Canada, but I'm sure the canvas can be purchased in other countries. The manufacturer for Quiq Art is in the USA.

With 30 Quiq art canvases taking up only a little more storage space than one deep wrap canvas, I may be able to give up my storage locker and gain more space in my studio. They're also perfect for Kelowna Airport SWAC Gallery, where my customers take their purchase with them on a plane, so I can't wait to order some.

After more investigation it appears that Quiq art are no longer being manufactured under that name, but many suppliers still have stock.

Have you tried these canvases? Please comment.

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