Saturday, 27 May 2017

Lavender Field

8" x 10" Deep Wrap Canvas

This painting is destined for skyway, but if you can't live without it contact me in the next week to make arrangements before it leaves the studio.

When we see lavendar fields it's usual to think of Provence in France, however, lavender farming is becoming popular around the world and we do have at least one commercial Lavender Farm in the Okanagan.

I became aware of the trend when visiting the UK a few years ago. My sister and I hired a car for a few days and selected a few tourist destinations to visit, one was a Lavender Farm. I thought this was a bit left field, but when we arrived I found the whole experience quite charming. There was a small gift shop focused on items made with lavender and depicting the purple flowers. There was a lovely garden and of course the lavender fields. The owners had recently purchased a wind generator and there were interesting details on how it worked and how much money was being saved. Then there was a cute tea room with all kinds of things made with lavender including tea and lavender scones.

Our lavender farm is only open in the summer months, so I used artistic license to create this painting. This is the gorgeous view from the farm and how I imagine the lavender will look in full bloom. Our farm also has a tea room and I think I may meet there with friends on my birthday.