Thursday, 25 May 2017

#LYA2017 Three arrivals and an MIA

This is possibly the last of the cards for this year.

Above is the yummy breakfast from Nan Johnson in New York.
It's hard to believe that this is an image of one of her paintings and not a photograph. I've staged it with my favorite Tim Horton collectable coffee pot and my smiley mug. Yum!

Below is a Connemara Cottage from Jacinta in County Mayo, Ireland. I've been there and it's true that I lost my heart in Ireland, somewhere between Connemara and Kerry. One of the things you see in Irish hedgerows are wild fuschias; I don't have any of those but I do have this nice bright red geranium to stage the postcard with.

Next up is this Zentangle postcard from a Kat Van Rooyen in Virginia. I don't have many geometric things around to display it with, so I chose the geraniums I planted on May long weekend. I usually buy the flowers and then it takes ages for me to get around to planting them, but this year I did it the same day ... Yay!

I like to shop locally rather than from non-Canadian conglomerates and these are from an old Japanese couple that have a small nursery down the road. I was there before the gate opened and watched as Mr Ogi slowly came out and waved us in with a smile. Mrs Ogi was insistant that I took these rather than another deeper red variety because she said they have large flower clusters that fold inwards when the blooms die, so you don't have to dead head them. The others she said weren't very good this year. Who am I to argue against so much experience ... she was FIERCE!

Sadly Kat Slomas hasn't arrived, so I have to assume it's missing in action. Kat's card this year was a lovely digital leaf design that I was quite partial to. I'll wait another month and then write and ask if she could send another (pretty please).