Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Limited Edition Crystal Sculptures or Trophies

I've recently been working on a limited edition collection of 3D art.

MUM by Sea Dean 


ABALONE by Sea Dean

Sculpture generally falls into two main categories, interior and garden. Garden sculptures can reach sizeable proportions, but interior sculptures tend to be smaller and easier on the bank account.

I've designed these pieces as jewelry for an office desk or bedroom vanity, but they could also be used for achievement awards. Each elegant sculpture is approximately 7" tall, 5" wide and 3/4" deep with a clear lucite base for stability. The art work is created on an iPad and permanently printed on the sweeping lucite form using special viscous transluscent ink. On each piece t. he name of the work, the name of the Artist and edition number is integrated into the base of the design. Each sculpture is numbered sequentially in an edition of 25 and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Price on request.

Left to right - top to bottom
Ocean Current (original) - Mum - Monashee Northern Lights - Northwest Passage - Ocean Reflections (original)
Green Vibe - Lake Light A - Lake Light B - Rolling Vinyard - Evening Waves
Mackerel Mayhem (teal) - Seagull View (navy) - Oceans Edge (noir) - Silvery School(noir) - Plenty of Fish (noir)
Ocean Current (noir) - Seagull View (original) - Ocean Bed (original) - Mackerel Mayhem (original) - Abalone