Friday, 9 June 2017

Travelling AKA Traveling Chicken in Residence

Ms. Chicken has arrived in the Okanagan and is recouperating with her traveling companion Snr. Azule. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Ms Chicken, she has been traveling the world for over 5 years visiting artists who paint her portrait. She has had many amazing adventures including getting lost several times and being smashed at a party (literally). You can follow her escapades from the beginning on her blog here.

The worldwide artists have amassed nearly 100 visits and paintings so far and it gets laborious to see all the paintings via the blog: I decided I would like to see all those portraits in one place, so I've compiled a collection on "The Traveling Chicken" Pinterest Board click here. All the links take you back to the original entries on the blog and for all the stories images and adventures you really need to visit the blog.

So back to Ms Chickens current trip. After a good sleep the couple headed out to the balcony to inspect the brightly colored geraniums which had just come into bloom. The weather was lovely and warm, the sun was out and spring was in the air. They frolicked among the leaves for a while playing hide and seek. Then Azule, always protective of Ms Chicken, saw she was getting tired and suggested
 a rock massage. The only problem is he got it all wrong, insisting that this was the way it was done.

The friends have requested to stay for the Art Battle on June 16th, which  their hostess, Sea Dean is participating in. Then they will be on their way to the east. In the meantime they will be busy seeing the sights and posing for portraits.  They are particularly interested in trying to spot the lake monster Ogopogo, depicted here in a collaboration between Sea and her nephew Spencer. I believe it's the reward for capturing Ogopogos image that most interests Snr Azule, but Ms Chicken wants to swim with Ogopogo and ask for a ride.

OGOPOGOS LUNCH BY Sea Dean and Spencer Arguedas

More about the past traveling adventures of Ms Chicken and her companions here.

In case you're wondering, although there are various gramatical rules, basically traveling is spelled with one 'l' in the USA and two 'll's in The UK. As the chicken started her journey in the USA, her title uses the American spelling, although that is not set in stone. :)