Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Sales at the SWAC kiosk at Skyway in YLW Departure lounge are growing in leaps and bounds. Our curator Irene visits every couple of weeks and does a great job organizing and displaying the art of the 20 local artists. Some of us are struggling to keep up with the demand. A happy type of stress.

Although the large paintings were originally intended to create impact and attract buyers into the area to purchase smaller art works, they are themselves becoming very popular, which is causing quite a logistical challenge for the group. Skyway originally only agreed to sell carry on sized items and prefers to leave shipments to the artist. Therefore when the art is purchased, it is held until Irene's next visit, taken to the SWAC Gallery in Westbank an hour away, the artist picks up the work from the gallery and negotiates with the buyer about shipping. Phew! The paintings end up having more miles on them than a model T Ford.

These are some images taken by Irene after her last visit. My small paintings can be seen in the lower center of image 3, and the left of image 4. I don't know who did the big pink flower, which is lovely, or any of the other large paintings, but the landscape on the right of image 1 and the big tree in image 3 is Irene Scott.