Sunday, 2 July 2017

Art Battle Review

I've finally pulled in images from various sources to show you what my Art Battle experience was like. I was painting, so no time to do a progress montage. Images Maxpaq Photography and my friends Tammie and Karen.

For those of you that missed the lead up to the competition, I applied and was selected to compete against 11 other artists to win prizes and perhaps progress to regional, national and international heats. I was under no illusion I would win my heat because the other artists were mostly in Uni or just out and had large followings. This was not a juried event, it was decided by spectator voting, so as I only had two people in my cheer group, winning was unlikely.

Art Battle June 2017

We had a blank canvas start. As you can see, it was very dark, with blinding spotlights: Hardly condusive to painting. I couldn't tell what colors I was mixing, so it was all instinct. The guy on the right kept flicking paint on me, in hindsight maybe that was a distraction strategy.
It was very noisy, with loud music, cheering and intrusive MC announcements, but surprisingly that didn't distract me. Overall I was quite comfortable. Earlier in the week I had visited one of my galleries and the owner, Cathy had said that I had no cause for nerves because I was a very experienced artist. I suppose she was right!

I had trained in case I got through to the final heat, but it was an ambitious painting and I was very relieved not to be selected. Nevertheless, I gained the experience of painting in front of a crowd and painting FAST, which was very liberating.

Nearing the end
Distraction strategy? The guy on my right kept flicking paint
all over me, so I moved as far to the left as I could and turned my canvas away.
Signing my Masterpiece
The finished painting was auctioned off and I got half the proceeds.
The Winner is on the left