Monday, 2 October 2017

SWAC Kelowna Airport Kiosk

Limited Edition One Finger Drawing

One of my most successful Drawings, available in a variety of sizes and surfaces. 

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Calling all Thompson/Okanagan Artists, the submission for SWAC Kelowna Airport Kiosk is open now till November 15th. 

For more information click here.

I've been one of the 20 selected Thompson/Okanagan artists for the past two years and it's been an exciting ride with many challenges and successes. We have quite a cross section of work from photography and painting, to jewellery and first nation art. The hand crafted jewel trees are a big hit and local landscapes are also tops. I've consistently been one of the three top selling artists and it's amazing how much is purchased. This August alone the kiosk sold 94 pieces! 

Previously Limited Editions were not accepted, but I campagned hard last year and this time they are included. I'm quite excited to enter my iPad drawings, which have been selling well all summer. My editions are limited to 100 across all sizes, but my newest embellished works are individually unique, so I think they will 
pass the first stage of the jury process. The only reason I may be turned down this year is to allow new artists a chance.