Tuesday, 3 October 2017

I Won! I Won!

24” x 36” Deep Gallery Wrap

Seriously, my biggest fan without a doubt is Sheila Delgado. Every day she leaves a comment on my blog and it’s not just “Love it”, it’s a carefully thought out and informed critique. An artist is often too involved with their work to be impartial and this feedback and support has been invaluable as I move into the next stage of my art career.

I also love following Sheila, who is taking a completely different course with her art, producing amazing fresh watercolors for her print on demand sites. During September, we have been both been working hard alongside hundreds of worldwide Artists, producing a new painting each day and Sheila wrapped up her month with a fabulous collage blog that’s well worth a visit here. She really raised the bar on this one. While there, click through to Society 6 and view her huge collection of home decor and useful personal items.

To top it up I was one of her blog supporters that won an original bookmark. Yay!

I fell in love with Sheila’s painting “Mirage” during the challenge and it is one of the chosen four to become bookmarks. I love the palette and one morning I was enjoying “Light and Shadow” which hangs on my bedroom wall while it awaits it’s forever owner and I realized that it’s the same combination of colors. It is an early painting, but I still love it’s simplicity, so I thought you would enjoy a look.