Monday, 13 November 2017

UG2BK - Encounters

Mixed Media
16” x 12” Deep Wrap Canvas
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Recently I was looking for something radical to submit for the members exhibition at our prestigious public gallery. Although they reserve the right to refuse pieces that “don’t fit”, this exhibition is a thinly disguised way to drum up membership, so pretty much almost anything goes if you’re a paid member. I looked through my abstracts for something I could adapt to the theme “Encounters” and this was the one that jumped out.

The call is to submit your best piece and most contributors go all out to impress, however, for me, always the radical, it’s an excuse to push the boundaries. Last year I submitted an experiential video of digital work, which quite frankly they didn’t showcase well. In 2015 it was a large naked dryadd (water nymph) which is my all time favorite painting and currently hangs in my bedroom.

UG2BK is a small painting with punch. I loved it from the outset, but I’ve re-invented it many times to see just how far I could go. It’s extraordinary, but every time I add to this painting it gets better and better. The finished work has lots of texture created with molding paste, gel, acrylic skins, string and Pebeo Cerne. It also sports large helpings of irridescent copper.

Previous versions

And this is the digital preparatory sketch.