Friday, 15 December 2017

ADVENT GIFT - Giving Back

A perfect stocking stuffer - My miniature ACEO at

When I started this ADVENT GIFT series it was sort of a meditation on life with a few gifts and insights from my vast ( :) life experience. Now its been running for a couple of weeks I’m starting to see trends and it has become very meditative and revealing to me. I truly hope you are getting as much out of it as me.

It doesn’t take long to read each blog, so use it as a daily moment to contemplate the little tweaks may help you experience life better. Read back over the ADVENT GIFTS you may have missed or rushed past and find a space every day to enjoy the moment. I find first thing in the morning works best for me, but for you it may be lunch time, or last thing at night. Enjoy! And please share with as many people as you can so they can also have a little pleasure.

Alisa Burke is a happy, creative blog I follow. She has great ideas of her own, but recently she put out a call to all creatives for free promotion which is currently every Friday. I’m sure she had hundreds of responses, but I love the eclectic list of creators and their creations.

I’m grateful for Alisa and her dedication to her followers.
Here is a sample of her Giving back series

I missed posting yesterday, so here is the extra ADVENT GIFT