Friday, 15 December 2017

ADVENT GIFT - Inner Peace

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I used to live 20 mins out of town in a fruit growing/farming area with few facilities, but over 40 years it grew into a busy town. A few years ago I moved into the nearest city, which used to be a minor tourist destination and has turned into a metropolis. Make the mistake of driving the hiway between 2pm and 6pm and add an extra half hour to the trip. It’s one of the fastest growing areas in western Canada and city planning is stressing to keep up. Life is hectic.

In my life I have my Art business, my private business, caring for my mother, my health issues, her health issues, preparing for retirement, renovating two condos and trying to have a social life. It’s crazy! At a time when I should be slowing down and smelling the roses, it is speeding up and full of mental and physical polution. Ahhhhhhrgggggg!

Recently I heard the saying “Don’t let it rent space in your brain”

Isn’t that lovely. Just uttering the words takes me down a notch or two. I used to be a big believer in affirmations, a la Louise Hay, but I’ve come to realise that dealing with modern life is not about cancelling it out, or stomping it down, it’s about honoring each moment and processing as it occurs. I think this may be more of a Buddhist viewpoint than a Metaphysical one.

Being in the moment allows a person to adjust as life comes at you. Sometimes traffic is crazy, the baby is throwing up in the back seat, the dog is barking at nothing, the cell phone is ringing and its all about Triage. Triage is a hospital term referring to taking patients in order of urgency. So, you signal and creep into the exit lane, pull into a parking lot, baby is messy but OK, dog gets a pat, phone gets answered or turned off and suddenly peace ensues. BREATHE! BREATHE deeply again, open the window and BREATHE some more, give yourself an inner hug, smille and gain some inner peace before you clean up the mess. Treat yourself as the most important part of your life, which you are! You are the conductor in the orchestra and without YOU it will all come to a horrible and unharmonious end.

So your advent gift today is Inner Peace. Practise it every moment of each day, reject the static urgency of life and allow a sense of calm in. BREATHE. Practise often and it will become habit.