Sunday, 17 December 2017

ADVENT GIFT - Knowledge

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As an artist and analyst I love to study. One of my majors at collage was Art History and some of my most memorable hours have been happily spent wandering the corridors of galleries and museums around the world. Some artists may consider the history of art too intellectual or irrelavent, but for me it is the grounding point for my work, the inspirational springboard into the unknown void of creation.

Some time ago I came across a blog called The Dorsey Post which is written by professional artist David Dorsey. David also loves to visit galleries and through his eyes I get to visit many exhibitions I couldnt hope to attend. His museum blogs don’t just cover what he sees, but what he experiences interacting with each piece. 

David Dorsey is an author and freelance writer who has been painting longer than he’s been writing.  He decided, in 2006, to focus primarily on visual art and begin exploring the nature of painting, by both doing it and writing about it. He’s the author of The Force (Random House) and The Cost of Living (Viking), and numerous articles for national magazines. His award-winning paintings have been exhibited at museums, galleries and universities in the United States and Europe.”

Recently David wrote a blog about David Hockney’s exhibition at the Met and being a Hockney fan due to my iPad work, I just had to click through. David Hockney like me is an explorer that uses the masters of the past to inspire and inform his work. 
PS I love the title of this piece.

A Continuous Yes

ADVENT GIFT - Knowledge
Your Advent gift to yourself today is to seek out and visit an exhibition in your area. It can be anything from a solo show at a friend’s studio to something at a world class museum. Don’t just look at the art, analyse and investigate each piece trying to get an idea of the initial inspiration, technique, brushwork, composition etc. You will come back to your art with new eyes.