Monday, 18 December 2017

ADVENT GIFT - Enthusiasm

CONTACT by Sea Dean
One of the most attractive traits of any human being is enthusiasm. We’ve all heard the saying “Do what you love and money and success will come” but how do you know what you love. The world of art is such a huge and varied field that it may take a lifetime to find a style or technique that lights us on fire, but you will know when you’ve found it. The total focus, joy and enthusiasm will bubble forth in an unstoppable way, and people will be drawn to your sparkle.

This is how I feel about my digial work. As soon as I start to talk to someone about my technique and show them some of my “One Finger Drawings” I can feel the excitement build within me and they step into my world to share the experience. I was talking with a popular artist the other day that I’ve collaborated with a couple of times, and he was so enthusiastic about my digital work that he proposed we hold a joint exhibition. A relative of his is a top glass sculptor and as we talked we got very excited about combining the three types of art which are all amazing and all completely different. More about this in 2018.

When I create a one finger drawing I’m totally absorbed and facinated. The bright colors highlighted on the screen and pushing the simple tools to the limit, fills my world and hours or seconds could be passing, I’ve no idea which.

The other day, I was watching a short report on the work of Mark Tobey: I had never heard of him, but apparently he was an influencer of Jackson Pollock. As the curator and interviewer were talking about the various works in an exhibit, I realised that independantly I was on the same Abstract Expressionist path. Jackson Pollock is an aquired taste and I’m awestruck by his work. However, Mark Tobey, who is relatively unknown today, was the first in the USA to create completely AE work.

While viewing Tobeys super detailed small works I was reminded of my favorite AE piece, OBLIVION. Mark also used curving lines in his work, but many focused on straight lines and triangles. I realised that in the past I’ve always defaulted to curls and curves, so I grabbed my iPad and forced myself to work with straight lines. The result, after a few attempts is the painting above. I think it may now be my favorite!

OBLIVION by Sea Dean available at