Tuesday, 6 February 2018

30 Paintings in 30 days - First week review - #30in30 - 7

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A Walk in the Woods
Winter Moon
Winter Mist
Quiet Stream
Blue Moon

It’s been an interesting week of discoveries. I hope you’ve been reading my tips for following Bob Ross Oil painting videos and converting his techniques to painting with acrylics. I’m doing it so you don’t have to suffer.
Version 1                        Version 2

I discovered that I can follow Bob by stopping and replaying sections. I’m not trying to copy his paintings exactly because I want to add local landscape features and make them more saleable in our era. However I do want to try out different methods, colors and compositional tricks. There is a lot of information to take in during Bobs half hour show, some of which I had never considered and some which don’t really work with acrylic paint. I may try some oils later in the month to see if I can use his wet in wet techniques with water solubles.

Version 2                    Version 1
I complete one of Bobs follow along paintings in about 90 mins, but I find that after consideration there are always a few tweaks needed. Only one of this weeks paintings escaped without a tweak. The one at the top, A WALK IN THE WOODS, is the one that needed the most work. I added a more modern color scheme and some more impressionist brush work. I love it now and I think it counts as a whole new painting for todays submission to 30 in 30.

The others underwent some minor adjustments. Can you spot them?

A little tweak in the waterfall

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