Sunday, 4 February 2018

Quiet Stream - Bob Ross in Acrylic 1-5 - #30in30 - 5

Today I discovered that Bob Ross does add some extra colors to his limited palette occasionally, this time Sap Green. In a departure from his usual Liquid White start, this painting started with a green ground, then an ombre look by adding Prussian Blue to the wet paint, fading from bottom to top.

Today I decided to use Atelier Interactive Acrylic to get a bit more manouverability in the paint. As I’m missing some of Bobs colors in my Interactive selection, I substituted, using Ultramarine instead of Prussian Blue, Arylamide instead of Cadmium Yellow and Crimson instead of Permanent Red. I had no substitute in Interactive for Sap Green, so I used Winsor Newton Galeria. I applied the Sap Green ground directly onto the Canson Canvas Board, scrubbing it into the dips in the weave. I added slow drying medium on top of the nearly dry paint and Ultramarine as the ombre.

The great thing about Interactive, is that if you lightly spritz ordinary acrylic paint with water, or paint on top before it is dry the original acrylic will lift, leaving white spots. Interactive is designed to be spritzed, so this doesnt happen and you can blend on the canvas. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it is much less frustrating than regular acrylic paint.

Bobs palette knife trunks and branches are integral to his style, but the technique doesn't work well with acrylic, so I ended up scratching in some branches and adding the trunks and more branches with a small round brush and thin paint.

Bob Ross Series 1 Episode 5 - Quiet Stream

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The painting was finished but forgot to post it :( This makes a difference in page views, but so far no difference to sales.

Updated the image of yesterdays painting photographed in natural daylight.