Thursday, 1 March 2018

Glacier Lake - Bob Ross in Acrylic Season 28 Episode 6 - 30 in 30 29

Phew I didnt think I would make it. I had reminder alarms going off all over the place as I put the final brush strokes. Posted at exactly 12:00 midnight! It was rushed, but I’ve been catching glimpses of this painting all month and then getting distracted and I couldn’t find it again. I lived in the Yukon and visited Alaska many times, and this reminds me so much of the awesome landscapes up there. Again painted on 11” x 14” canvas board, so much less restricting than 8” x 10”.

Right now it is very wet, but will be posted for sale on DPW soon.

Bob Ross - Glacier Lake Season 28 Episode 6

Posted on 30 in 30 # 4