Tuesday, 24 April 2018

I’m betting on Arthur Philip Francis

What name will be chosen for the new baby?

I’m betting on Arthur Philip Francis. I had no idea there were so many Arthurs in the British Royal family, but my father was called Arthur and liked to think of himself as connected to the famous King Arthur of the round table. My father was a king too, not in the royal sense, but becuse he was strong, proud and always beautifully dressed. My Dad’s birthdate is coming up so it would be cool to have a prince called Arthur to commemorate it. After all, Princess Charlotte was named after my Mum.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have so far named their children George Alexander Louis and Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, so who is # three???


William Arthur Philip Louis
Catherine Elizabeth


Charles Philip Arthur George
Diana Frances
Michael Francis
Carole Elizabeth

Great Grandparents

Philip Andrew
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary
Frances Shand
Peter Francis

Where did Princess Charlotte get her name? Apparently it was chosen as the female form of Charles, her grandfather. Elizabeth is her mothers middle name, her maternal grandmothers middle name and also of course her great grandmother, the Queens first name. Diana was her patrrnal grandmothers name.

Spoiler (They named him Louis Arthur Charles). The Louis is in deference to Lord Louis Francis Mountbatten who was a great favorite of both Prince Philip and Prince Charles. William has the middle name Louis in honor of him too. Personally I think it’s too political and should have been softened by using Francis.