Thursday, 13 February 2020

DAY 14 of 30 - BEE LODGE in Progress

BEE LODGE by Sea Dean (Available by contacting me)

A work in progress. I have to wait for the crackle to develop before I wax and add details. The brownish looking painting is actually Golden Fine Copper Acrylic. The crackle roof has fine red undercoat and the rest is Chalk Paint.

The grey chalk paint is an experiment with powdered paint that you mix with water. I find its grittier and the pigment tends to separate, so needs constant mixing. Other chalk paint I use is Folk Art which has some interesting colors, and Canadian made Cottage Paint which is very nice quality and a different color selection.

I’m understanding how to make large cracks now, but it’s not easy, and always a surprise. I’m considering adding these to my next solo exhibition as they will go well with my proposed natural wood theme. I don't have a date yet, but as spring is fast approaching I’d better get my skates on.

30DCG2020  and 30DODP

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  1. Interesting post Sea, thanks for sharing your process. I love this one :) Best wishes for the show :)


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