Tuesday, 8 December 2020

U 100 Grape Mask, Painting and Soft Sculpture Set

This Soft Sculpture is a bit bigger than the others so far. All the submissions must be under $100 and under 100 sq inches, so this is still within limits at 8 inches square. Its funny how my mask sales go in trends. Currently in my Etsy shop this fabric is one of the most popular ones, six months ago is was Grey Grunge. 

This art piece, is the fourth of my ten U100 pieces. A soft sculpture entitled DARK BLUE EAGLE

Yes it is a mask, but it is also a painting and a sculpture. The piece can be hung as is, for an interesting memento of this Covid year. Alternatively the mask part can be removed and worn and the matching painting hung on the wall. Another possibility is to buy the set as a gift for one person, or two. There are so many options.

A little about my masks.

I create masks all the way from XS to XXXXL. They are available in my Etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/SEA2YOU  I have included a large sized mask in all my soft sculptures, it really does fit most teens and adults. The XL, XXL, XXXL and XXXXL masks are only for large men and large men with large beards. Thankfully I don’t need one of those and neither do most other mask wearers. 

You will instantly see a difference in quality when you examine one of my masks. They are couturier constructed with no loose threads or open seams. The fabric is top quality 100% cotton in most cases unless you have chosen one with white wicking lining: This is all natural, 40% cotton, 60% lyocell wicking fibre, 300 thread count as opposed to regular quilting fabric at about 60 thread count; the tight weave gives excellent protection and the wicking effect is amazing for those with glasses, active people or warm climates. Lastly the mask has fully adjustable head elastic, adaptable to ear loops and interchangeable for your own cord or ribbon. Wow!

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