Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Day 15 - 30 in 30

Abstract ... or is it?

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I have a friend, an Engineer, who sees no value in Abstract painting and I think that is a fairly common point of view. Part of my friend's viewpoint comes from the type of person he is, straightforward, honest and direct. This personality lead him to a certain education that trained him to see the world a certain way. I'm not saying he is wrong, in fact it is those traits which make him a valued friend. 

On the other hand I like to push the boundaries and if I dislike something I dig down to the roots of my belief and educate myself further: I often find my point of view shifts somewhat. I majored in Art History and have had the opportunity to challenge my views on Art many times. I love realistic landscapes and have spent many happy hours observing beautifully painted realistic trees, mountains, streams etc. I also love modern Art and I think Abstracts are one of the most difficult genre to pull off effectively. So I challenge myself every now and then by painting an Abstract.

Back to my question, is this an Abstract? Many would click or walk past this painting dismissing it as a few meaningless splotches. But look closer and what do you see? ... snow perhaps? A sense motion or direction .... could that be a path? So then what are those splotches? Hmmm maybe paw prints? Right on! Actually this is no an Abstract it is an Impressionist piece taken from a photograph of a real walk in the snow with a little friend. Now wasn't that more interesting than another realistic landscape?

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