Friday, 26 July 2013

BLUE FIR GLADE on Windpower

This painting took days finish to my satisfaction. I wanted to paint sunlight shining into a forest glade with trees silhouetted against the light. This is a recurring theme for me and I continue to explore it in different ways. 

6" x 8" on Windpower
On Auction at Daily Paintworks

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Barely visible in this image, but shown below, I painted sunbeams in pale gold interference paint which has a transparent effect similar to real sunlight. Interference paint catches the light but is not always seen which gives a shimmering effect. It can also look different depending on what type of light is hitting it. I also placed a few highlights on the branches and trunks where the sun is kissing them.

The blue fir tree isn't native to this forest, someone must have decided to plant  it here, hoping it would grow into a big tree in the protection of the glade. The little tree appears to be doing well surrounded by giant ferns and getting just enough moisture from the rain that drips through the leaves above.

Cat 13182 Blue Fir Glade